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Just starting your design business?

If you are just starting your design business and have no clue where to start, I'd suggest you get your butt in the Society. Seriously, for the low price, you will get instant access to a course called Designer DNA that will teach you practically everything you need to get started.

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I appreciate your interest, but I'm not looking for sponsored guest posts NOR am I interested in participating in a telesummit thing that will "increase my exposure". And there's no need to send me your latest greatest post/infographic/blog post/etc. It'll end up in the trash. 


You can read all the legal nitty gritty if you please, or for the quick and dirty version... there are no refunds on digital products or membership programs. Please read before you buy.

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As much as I'd love to respond to every single email I receive, I don't provide free business advice or tech support via email. I do offer one-on-one consulting where I can help you with your business if you need specific strategy for your residential interior design business.  

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